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R600C Aggregate Spreader for road base materials


General Machine


  • Weight: 7500 lbs

  • Overall Length: 8 ft. 5 in.

  • Overall Width: 11 ft. 4 in.

  • Overall Height: 4 ft. 5 in.

  • Inner Length: 78 in.

  • Inner Width: 126 in.

  • Minimum HP: 125

  • Spread Minimum: 10.6 ft.

  • Spread Maximum: 16 ft.



R600C Mechanical Aggregate Spreader

1. Universal Hitch Group - Designed to attach to either dozer blades or wheel loader buckets in less than 20 minutes.

2. Self-Contained Hydraulic System - Moldboard adjustments are achieved with the hydraulics and are easy to operate with its two valve controls and single hand pump.


3. Side Tilt Adjustable Moldboard - Make fine adjustments to either side of the moldboard and have the ability to spread material with a camber for crowning.

4. Adjustable Push Rollers - Easily change to height of the push rollers to work with numerous sizes of truck tires.

5. Self-Aligning Push Roller Pivot Plates - A center mounted pivot point allows the push rollers to maintain contact with both truck tires.

6. Independent Wheel Height Adjustments - The lockable wheels can be used to achieve true runs or adjust the height to accommodate for curbs, second passes and trenches.


7. Heavy Duty Rims - Wrapped with 14 ply industrial tires, these wheels are designed to handle large weight loads.

8. Adjustable Width Side Gates - Allows you to increase the spread to 16' and drastically reduces material loss.

9. "V" Shaped Curved Moldboard - Keeps the material distributed evenly and continually mixes the material, maintaining moisture content and eliminating segregation.

10. Slotted Strike Off Plates - Set the angle of the cutting edges to spread material evenly or achieve up to a 3% crown.

11. Lifting Eyes - Three 3/4' thick steel lifting eyes to assist in loading and unloading.

12. One Year Manufacturer Warranty - We stand behind our equipment and guarantee our craftsmanship and materials.


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